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FCB/SIX Consulting

Role: UI Concept Design
Studio: FCB/SIX Consulting

This was an internal project that never ended up getting launched due to turn-over and the company re-branding.

The project kicked-off under the guidance of John Sime (Director, Product and Technology Solutions), who evaluated our current website and identified some pain points. With that information he decided what type of content he wanted presented on the homepage.

I went through the brand colours and selected some accent colours to use so that the website would not be cold and stoic. Once those colours were established, I selected a colour to represent each department of business. I then created some custom icons for each of these departments.

I used the content and information from John to establish a functional layout that was better for client purposes as well as SEO purposes. The new design allows the client to better understand what FCB/SIX Consulting does and with what tools.

screenshots mobile screenshots


before screenshot

Proposed Design

after screenshot